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Welcome on the NEW fanpage about Jari Litmanen.

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Welcome on this site about one of the best players in Europe, named Jari Litmanen.
I've made this new site, because the last webmaster don't has time to run a new website.
I do have the time, so I've made a new website and I hope you enjoy it.

On this site you can send mail to Jari himself, and read a lot about Jari's life.
On this moment Jari is playing at Ajax Amsterdam, where he scores a lot of (beautiful) goals and make important actions.

I wish you a nice time on this website and hope you'll enjoy it, and leave a message in the guestbook!!

Hope to see you later...

Joey Verlinde,

last update: 24-09-2003.

Send Jari Your E-M@il:

Right now you are able to send you're own e-mail to Jari himself.
Before you want to send Jari a mail, you must have read the rules:
*-Please send your mail in English or Dutch language.

*-Don't be unsocial.

*-No forwardmail or something like that.

*-Do not send more than 2 mails a day.

*-Your mail and Jari are 100% confidential.

*-Don't bother Jari.

*-Wait reposeful on the answer back from Jari.

*-Jari sends your mail back in two weeks.

I'll hope you will know the rules and don't make misuse from this.
Click on the link down here to send your mail. Mail Jari Litmanen


Jari's Last game:

Jari is injured on his knee, so he didn't play a game this season...
We all wait till the moment he will be fit again!!

Jari's Next Game: